The Japanese University System’s Problem


In college and university rankings 2013, there is only one Japanese university, University of Tokyo in top 50.  This university is the most famous in Japan but in the world its rank is 27th (The World University Rankings, online).  Japan is one of the developed countries but the level of Japanese university is like a developing country.  In Japan, almost people have opportunity to go on to university but they can not utilize it enough because the Japanese university system obstructs the liberty of students.  The factors of this problem are ease of getting credits, peculiar job hunting system and expensive school expenses

Firstly, Japanese university students can get credits easier than oversea students.  In Japan, some student goes on to university for job hunting and club activity, and so on (Thuji, 2013).  They decide which lectures they attend by easiness.  There are students who borrow notes from friends to pass the test.  In the United States, if they do not study hard, they never get credits.  American university students have to study harder than Japanese.  In Japan, you can get good evaluation if your friend’s note is perfect.  Japanese university is not institution which people study to get more knowledge.

Secondly, many Japanese university students spend much time on job hunting. In Japan, almost all company employs new graduates. So they start action for job hunting on junior.  They probably will begin to do a volunteer, because they want episode which they will talk in an interview for a job.  Many companies do not consider their grade so most of them neglect their study.  As a result, companies increasingly do not trust the grades.  These factors make the negative spiral.  It is more necessary for university students to do volunteer than study hard for job hunting.  Animation “Recruit Rhapsody” precisely expresses Japanese job hunting system (Recruit Rhapsody).

Finally, Japanese university tuition is more expensive and less substantial scholarship than foreign countries.  In Japan, national university’s expense is even expensive (Kadooka, 2003).  Many students use Japan Student Services Organization. However, students have to reimburse scholarship and some people have to be repaid plus interest.  If almost all people will graduate university, they have to work for reimbursing scholarship.  They will take about 14 years to do it.  In Northern Europe there are countries which are free of university expenses.  In Japan, tuition of high school became free but governmental support is not enough.  It is necessary for students to study freely.

In conclusion, Japanese university students are precluded from studying earnestly by these three things.  They should study not for job hunting, but for satisfying a desire to learn because skill is not knowledge.  On job hunting, all companies should judge their specialized knowledge.  To up the level of Japanese university, it is necessary to perform education reform.    UNIC said it is “… a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations”.  Like the other countries, the Japanese government should reduce the tuition or pay enough scholarships to think only study.


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